Thursday, July 17, 2008

existence of space

as I sit in an office on an ammunition depot I reflect on the thought that this place is not a part of the normal conciousness of the world. it is a small non descript metal building that looks nearly exactly the same as every other building on this base. the only incling of what its perpose is comes from asking its workers what they do. what they do do is manage the shipment off ammunition around the world. a very necissary job and yet one that one could almost ever imagin having. more to the point... this office like so many others is, as it could be said, a dime a dozon. places like this make up a seemingly good majority of the office work space in america. it boggles my mind to think about this office space and its part in supporting the country. the building I sit in and so many others, civilian and military, are not speciel they are the opposite of speciel... but they are spaciel, and they are occupied by everyone you know.

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