Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why can't we be friends?

This is a collective of artist i came upon a long time ago and am just getting around to writing about. the Graffiti Research Lab is a group that promotes that very special type of art that is so often considered evil, especially to those of us that in the business of building their canvases. I personally have extremely mixed feelings about the graffiti subject as i find a good deal of it very beautiful. In any case this group has developed a new form of graffiti that may have some staggering implications for the built environment. Take a look at the videos, first a news story from and then some examples including a time when they where invited to MoMA. The last video shows how to make this technology at home!

other fun things to build! more on some of this later...

Thank about the facades possible that are simply light, or wanting to remodel and just ending up sketching on a building REAL TIME!

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