Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Augmented Reality Technology

To piggyback on John's Post. This is taking some older posts a lot further.

So what else could this tech mean? In the past we have seen buildings that have QR codes in them doing a similar function, but think of some of the other possibilities. As I come from an Architectural background, that controls some of the things that come to my mind. John mentioned the idea of posters, traffic signs, and window dressings. Think about this, many futurists predict that there will come a time when we have glasses or contact lenses that with augment reality. Every time I have ever seen anything about this it seems to assume that the glasses or contacts will somehow be connected to GPS or some other information source that will know where you are and what you might be looking at. A different approach using this bar code technology would be a lot simpler. Imagine you have a pair of glasses on that have a small camera in the frame (these already exist). That camera communicates with your cell phone through bluetooth (nothing difficult here). Your phone has either a data base or connectivity to the internet which would activate when your glasses see one of these codes. A small display would be shown to your eye from you glasses of the decoded information. All of this technology already exists. There are a few limitations that are quickly disappearing. One is battery life. I can imagine that this would take a fair amount of battery power by today's standards. Not by the standards of 2013 though. Also connection speed. The hope would be that as soon as the camera recognizes the code the projection would be instantaneous. Once again that is a moot point considering the speed at which cell and wireless connections are getting.

So what would these codes decode to be. Well, if there was one at every street corner you would not have to ever be lost. I simple program could read those simples and an animation of the Scarecrow could appear and point you in the right direction depending on where you asked it to guide you. People could where t-shirts that would indicate that they were looking for another nerd like themselves to go to dinner on Friday night. The code would include contact information, a savable photo, their WOW screen name, and their allergies. A code on a restaurant's door would pull up all of their Yelp! reviews. How about a mandatory code on the front of the home of a sex offender? A business's real time stock information as you pass their building? Instead of lengthy signage at roadside historical markers, a discrete code on a post activates an animation of the event's unfolding before your eyes.

John linked to this, but it NEEDS to be seen.

Augmented Reality Technology, 3D Interactive Toyota iQ | Toyota UK

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