Monday, February 8, 2010

New CTA Station

Check out this link detailing the construction of a new CTA Green Line station between Clinton and Ashland in the West Loop...

TranSystem's Design

From the looks of it, I'm not sure if I'm looking at something from some twisted past, or being transported to a horrible horrible future.

Just sayin.


  1. This is what all of the CTA Green Line stops look like. I think the style has something to do with when the Vikings conquered this part of the city.,0,6781785.story

  2. Actually, just the Ashland and Conservatory stations look like this. The rest of the stations along the Lake Street Elevated line were either torn down or remodeled by SOM on a shoe-string budget [with predictable results].

    Check out this site It has a TON of history on the L. The route maps from the early 1900's are especially interesting.

  3. I guess that makes sense as the last green line stop I was at was Conservatory...yesterday.

  4. I think this station is just another argument for subway systems. Sorry Chicago.