Monday, February 1, 2010

The Third and the Seventh pt.2

If you have not already watched The Third and the Seventh, I strongly suggest doing so. As promised, I am going to go a little deeper into talking about this work. It is defanatly worth it to check out Alex Roman' s site dedicated to this project. The site itself does not have a ton of info, but it does have a bunch of stills that are worth looking through.

So why all the fuss. At first glance, second glance, and even a long stare it would seem that this is just another art peice showing some beautiful shots of some amazing buildings with some CG thrown in for effect. If you have not figured it out yet, this video is much more then that. Spacificly it is all CG. Everything in this peice is produced with 3d modeling and rendering software. The small portians where there is a man standing in the frame I believe is taken from footage but the rest, including the spaces that man is standing in, is all fabricated by one man on a computer.

Below are some other shorts that that show some of his process. Absolutely mind blowing. After watching these, go back and watch the full video again. You may be able to catch a few more instances that give it away as renderings, but the effect is no less amazing. And do yourself a favor and watch it full screen on the best monitor you have.

From what I can tell, and from what people have been writing about, it seems that he is using models from the Google Warehouse. Then he is importing them into perhaps 3D Studio Max, editing, then rendering through VRay. I know that there is more then just that, and if you know more comment about it.

Exeter Shot -- Making Of from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

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