Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Bravery vs. OK Go!

With the releise of a new video from OK GO for "This Too Shall Pass" we must ask ourselves, "who has the best contraption doing crazy stuff video?"

On one hand we have the older The Bravery video for "An Honest Mistake". This video was for their one hit and was everyone's favorite video in 2005.  It is not clear whether this was one shot of a kooky contraption actually doing what it looks like or a bunch of spliced shots.  The video also includes a bunch of things breaking, an underwater domino shot with a goldfish, and some cool music.  I Honestly love this video.

The Ok Go video comes at the contraption-centric video genre from another angle.  It is clear that this is a single shot taken of a real contraption doing some fun crazy stuff.  A spinning guitar playing water filled glasses, at least one smashed TV, and a smashed piano.  What may be this video's strongest point is how well choreographed it is.  It almost seems like the whole thing was made to go with the music.  I also love the intense mayhem towards the end of the video.

You decide who wins the best contraption based video!

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