Friday, April 2, 2010


Artist Alexander Farto AKA Vhils, I believe of London, has a knack for the epic.  With street art, billboard work, paper, wood, and installations, his works are simple yet deep.  His Wall art was what first caught my eye. By means of subtractive carving into the walls and soot of abandoned or neglected spaces he gives a sorrowful life to that is all too appropriate.  His works span from Moscow to Italy, Portugal, London and NYC, all in spaces that most would probably never see.  As is the nature of these places, it can only be assumed that they are not long for this world as progress will eventually catch up as these spaces will be demolished.  That fact seems to make these images that much more beautiful.  The idea that these images are as mortal as the faces they depict is so evocative.  In certian ways reminding me of Goodbye Art.

Make sure to visit his site and check out his other works.  His Metal work and Installations are particularly beautiful.  

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