Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hip Hop/R&B Architectural Videos

Stick with me here kids. Some what randomly I came upon some music videos that I found to be vary spacial despite the steriotypes of what there respected genres generally entail. This is not to say that these videos are devoid of sexy scantily clad women, but if you notice these both take place in beautiful spaces. The modern house has taken the place of the flashy cars and the often McMansion found in other videos to show wealth.

The first video is from Jeremih's with "Birthday Sex". You may remember this somewhat ridiculous song from about a year ago. The video chronicles the singer and how he is celebrating his girlfriend's birthday. (you can interpreter that however you want).

The video shows the couple in a modern home.  Through out there are shots of nearly every space in the house as if out of Dwell magazine.  Details of furnishings and fixtures are also showcased. These include a frosted glass front door, beautiful double sided fireplace, a minimalist bathroom, a cantilevered platform bed (despite the fact that he mentions a water bed in the song), the heavy woven couch and minimal dinning table and chairs are also highlights.  The artist is also kind enough to talk about, and demonstrate, how all of these spaces and furnishings can be used in imaginative ways.

The second video takes a little different tacked.  Common's "Go!", takes place in another modern home.  The space and live action is all augmented by the motion graphics of one of my favorite production groups MK12.  Once again there is no lack of barely clothed (or unclothed) women, but if you wish to look past that there are some very cool spaces and graphics.  Rotoscoping and rendering was used to create these spaces and surreal imagery.  MK12's graphics are always very spacial as I have pointed out in previous posts.  I also just like this song.  

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