Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soko Magazine

I came upon this somewhat randomly.  

Soko is an independent magazine put together by artist looking for freedom.  What they have produced is a raw, beautiful work that is now on it's fourth iteration.  Mostly what comprised of what would be fashion photography/typographic art, illustration and film are also included in interesting ways. 

"A year ago we started Soko with the idea of having our own creative space, a kind of experiment with images, text, typography and illustrations. Today we have a new year, a new soko, a new vision.
Soko started as a game as a way of showcasing the work of Pogo and I can say that in just one year Soko gave us joy, total freedom and pleasure, full us of knowledge, taught us that although we are across the planet people are incredibly sensitive to what you do, give us lot´s of new friends as well as enemies, but above all made us grow as a studio, designers and people.
We have no words that could explain what thankfull we are to everyone that supported us in this incredible year.
Sincerely yours,
Ardi & Pampa, editors in chief."

Check out their site to see the one year anniversary issue and download the older issues.  They also have a Calendar that is unfortunately not available in the US.

Here is the teaser for the calender. NSFW

Teaser SOKO zine Calendar 2010 from POGO on Vimeo.

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