Saturday, August 21, 2010

Urbanears Plattan Headphones Unboxing

Here is something a little different fro the Operable Window.

In need of a new pair of headphones I found myself shopping around a little bit today.  I knew that I wanted a good looking pair as these would be my "wear on the train to school" pair.  They needed to be something of an accessory as well as a functioning tool.  I am no Audiophile, I mostly listen to MP3s and internet radio/podcasts.  I did not want ear buds again as I find them uncomfortable and they are not so good for your hearing.  So I was willing to spend a little bit of money for something I was going to use everyday but not looking to break the bank.

This is not going to be a review as I have only had the headphones for a matter of minutes and am listening to them for the first time right now.

I ended up settling on a purple set made by the Scandinavian company Urbanears.

From their website and the included booklet-

"Urbanears is a collective out of Scandinavia, motivated by a common interest in global relationships and shared involvement in the relevance of the living brand. Urbanears promotes a deeper connection to color, form and people while providing the freedom to transcend individuality and unify the sound experience."

Sounds pretty sweet to me.  The specific pair I purchased were the Plattan model.  They come in a staggering 14 color options.  The Urban Outfitters that I purchased them from had them in four colors, Gray, Ocean, Purple and Red.  

Purple just seemed right to me.  As you can see below the boxing, branding and presentation of the product is absolutely beautiful.  The package included the headphones, two extensions for non-standard jacks, and a beautiful booklet with pictures of all of the other colors.

Some cool features of the headphones include a mic and phone answering button on the cord so you can use it with your phone, something called a "zound plug" which is another small jack that a friend can piggy back off of your headphones with their own to share music, the cord it self is breaded fabric, and all of the metal parts are purple anodized for a little extra pop.  I love this attention to detail.

Not too much else to say about it.  I just thought everyone would like to see this cool packaging and I am sure anyone that knows me will see me around Chicago with these bad boys on.