Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deviant Art Overview

Now that a few images have come up from my series of favorite Deviant Art artists, I would like to take a second to talk about why I think that these pieces have value.

So far the images that I have chosen are all portraits.  They are all different in their own ways, compositionally, chromatically, and so forth.  What they do all possess though is a certain rigor.  The do not have the effect of being overly photoshopped (though they may have an extensive amount of work done to them).  The do have en extreme attention paid to detail and to focus.  In this I am mean (outside of effects such as sepia, vignetting, color correction) the attention to the fine details of the face, the position of the subject, and the composition.  Notice all of their attention to skin, and to hair, to expression.  The shots seem effortless.  These are the reasons I love these shots.  This is also what am always striving to do in my own work.  I attempt this in every shot that I take, whether it be in Architectural , portrait, or candid photography.  I do not often share my personal work on this blog, but I will share a few of my images here to show what I mean.  I hope that you can see in them what I am attempting.

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