Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Light Rhapsody

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring short.  Think the opening sequence to Goldfinger revamped.  

From the Artists-

We are two young french directors that decided to create a real time installation and make a video from it.

"Light Rhapsody" is a real time human lighting sculpture. A 3D model has been projected in real time over the real model through a projecting device. It creates a radiant dissemination emanating from her skin.That projection was animated and progress over her entire body until it has reached and invaded her face.

2 days shooting with the model (thanks to you Julia Nana for your patience) and another one for the wild shot of NYC.

We shot with two cameras, a D90 and a 1Dmk4 cause the budget was super tight.

We would like to make some special thanks to our model, Julia Swell and our talented make up artist Cindy Leroux. Thanks to Hsiao-han Lan 筱涵 our magic set photographer !!!

Marc & Vivien"

Give it justice with full screen.

Light Rhapsody from Vivien TESTARD on Vimeo.

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  1. That was a really cool video! I was half expecting when the song hit its crescendo towards the middle that their would be some sort of full body / epic shot but alas, there was none.