Friday, January 7, 2011

Vivian Maier, Chicago Street Photographer, Discovered Work

 Imagine being at an auction, checking out a bin from a repossessed storage locker and finding that the bin contains 30,000 negatives from chicago in the mid twentieth century.  Now imagine those negatives have never been seen before and are from an absolutly amazing street photographer who never showed her work.

That's exactly what happened here in Chicago.  A show containing 80 images opens today at the chicago cultural center.  (about 100,000 negatives have been turned up at this point and still only a fraction have been sorted through)

This woman made what looks like hundreds of absolutly soulfull, breathtaking images in and around Chicago.  She was a live in nanny on the north shore here in Chicago.  On her day off she would put her rolleiflex around her neck and set off to the city.

Here is the video telling much more of the story, introducing the 26 year old who bought the work, and giving us some images and history of the photographer herself.

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