Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Architectural Film : Studio Gang's Columbia College Media Production Center

I am very fortunate that in my line of work I get to cross paths with amazing architects, designers, and thinkers on a daily basis.  A recent project I was lucky enough to be a part of was to move Hedrich Blessing into the realm of video.  Thirst Design worked along with us taking the footage and imagery we made in the space to produce this video which I hope sets a new bar for what is possible with a strong vision, good technique, and some thought.  We spent a couple of sessions at Columbia College Media Production Center here in Chicago and made video clips, time lapse imagery, and sound samples.

Best viewed at vimeo in HD and in Full Screen. 

One of the exciting parts of how it all came together is the thought that went into the sound that accompanies the footage.  Light and color values from key frames were mapped onto the Circle of Fifths to use as a road map for the notes.  The music was then composed using those frames as way points, so the flow of the sound actually is dictated by how the architecture moves light into the space.

We have all seen some of the video's out there of the same genre, Spirt of Space being a group who has done some pioneering of their own in the field, a great group.  This field is growing quickly enough to prompt a first Architecture and Design Film Festival in New York this fall, thankfully for some of us not on the east coast, the first Chicago festival takes place in a couple of months, provided we all survive the storied snow storm that will befall us in a few short hours.

Enjoy the video and if you have any thoughts about it, or about Architectural Videography in general, please feel free to comment here on the blog.

Tom Harris

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