Monday, March 7, 2011

Adrien Broom and Time With Guests

Tableaux has certainly never been my strong suit as far as the photographic arts go.  That does now, however, mean that I can't recognize beautiful work in that manner when I see it, and Time With Guests by Adrien Broom is just that.

The work on her websites spans several different traditional photographic avenues, but all has the feel of a single photographer, a clear vision.

She lists Gregory Crewdson as an influence in her work, along with a painter or two.  Elements of Crewdson can clearly be seen in this series, but in a fresh light.

The tradition of shooting stills that are cinematic has always fascinated me, the act of carrying out such an elaborately staged moment all for just that, a single moment.  Implying a plot and drama and depth of characters and situation all in a single frame.

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