Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mike Giant- Neighbors

The Neighbors project was (is?) a project out of San Francisco in which a handful of personalities are interviewed in a candid manor doing what they do.

"The working title for the project is Neighbors, a series of short stories about six individuals (DJ Brown Amy, Mike Giant, Elgy Gillespie, Dick Vivian, Fran Martin, and Dylan Bigby) from various neighborhoods in San Francisco. Part conversational interview, part documentary – we get to know the individual in the context of their work and home environments, in order to gain a deeper understanding of their influences on the community.

The format combines an interview with environmental documentation. The concept for this film was to capture moments within the constraints of a two (to three) hour conversation." from their site.   

Very interesting!

Well to go along with the Operable Windows apparent recent theme here is the short on Mike Giant.  Mike is an artist who got his start with Sharpies and a note book.  He later moved on to graffiti, larger scale illustration, and tattooing.  As Sharpie is one of my favorite mediums, I love what he has to say about those cheap little sticks of wonderful ink.  

The informal nature of the interview seems very fitting and it is always enjoyable to watch an artist work.

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