Friday, March 11, 2011

Video of the 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Recently I had a talk with a couple of the contributors to this blog, we discussed the Internet and what easily accessible video has brought to the game. This is being made evident right now, though the 8.9 magnitude earthquake happened only hours ago in the ocean off Sendai Japan which is viewable by you or me here in the United States now.  Not all of the video was shot by journalists and news reporters, some was shot by any citizen with a camera or cell phone capable of shooting video;  meaning we can see what it looks like when you are in a grocery store during an earthquake of that magnitude:

Or when the Tsunami rolls ashore near the airport.

Or footage of the oil refinery blazing away from the quake, shot by syndicated news cameras yes, but still imediate:

Or this really amazing footage of the Tsunami sweeping cars and homes away.

I am astonished by how accessible the world has become.

Tom Harris

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