Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fresh Meat: The How-To Issue

Just released.
School of Architecture @ UIC's student run journal.
I shot the cover
buy it 
it is amazing.

"After our earlier celebrations of architecture’s mystique and particular fetishes—the inside of the Black Box, as we put it in Issue 3—FM decided to explore a more transparent or user-friendly aspect of the field, a side we’ll call the “How-To.” A deceptively simple tool, the How-To offers opportunities well beyond checking off boxes or getting things done. For us, it taps into architecture’s unique power to coordinate: to embed cultural ideas into formal operations or to distill a complex project into a set of directives. Harnessing this power—to make what’s hard look easy, and vice versa—is key if we want to organize the world around us as designers, critics, or in whatever role we take on after graduation."

Buy it here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Japanese Xylophone

This short is a commercial for a japanese phone company, Domoco.  Just watch it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Architectural Photographic Animation

This piece really falls into a larger conversation that I have been having with some peers about the representation of architecture through photography, video, rendering and animation.  Some of my thoughts about the photography part of that conversation can be found here.  I have a feeling that conversation will start to make it's way to this blog more and more in the next few months.

For now, we can have a look at this animated short about an Abby turned prison turned cultural center in France.  Directed by Francis Cutter and Vincent Nguyen, Welcome to Fontevraud, shows a UNESCO heritage in a interesting way through the use of animated stills and dance.  Yep dance.  Though the graphics are not perfect the idea is interesting and it does give a feel for the building quickly and entertainingly. 

Welcome to Fontevraud from Francis Cutter & Vincent Nguyen on Vimeo.