Monday, January 1, 2018

The Operable Window is Reopening

The Coyote Building, home of the Robey Hotel. Recently remodel by TEN Arquitectos. Wicker Park, Chicago, IL. (Matthew Messner)

The Operable Window blog was started almost exactly 10 years ago. It was started as a means of sharing all of the amazing architecture, design, and photography things I was seeing online with my friends, (Facebook was not exactly what it is now back then) who were, and are mostly interested in the same things as me.

The blog was maintained for about four years, slowly gaining a modest but loyal following. In 2012 I moved my focus to writing blog posts for Archinect, documenting my time in Graduate school at the University of Illinois Chicago. In 2015, I took a position at The Architect's Newspaper, as the Midwest Editor. An yet, here we are again.

So why a blog?  The days of the endless personal blogs may be over, but blogs are still the space of most content production on the internet. Most news is presented in typical blog form, even with the rise of micro-blogging like twitter.

This blog will in someways look as it did in the past, but there will be a few major changes. First, there will be a great deal more original content. From writing through photography and video, this space will be an outlet for thoughts and ideas surrounding architecture and design. Secondly this space will be much more active than it ever was in the past. Each week there will be multiple new posts for your viewing pleasure. Lastly, this blog will be the official blog of my practice, Messner Architecture. While that may not be too apparent in the day-to-day content, there may be times when I make reference to the work I am doing in the physical world, Building! What will stay the same is this blogs commitment to presenting the most interesting content as possible.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the launch of other social media accounts linked to the blog.